Enables the URL to do navigatey things.

What it does

SiteSubsection uses URL-path information in HttpInteraction to pick a branch.

It assigns the next breadcrumb in the URL to branchname in the outgoing interaction, and chops that breadcrumb off of the URL. If this instance has a branch which has a name that matches with branchname, control will flow into that branch.

How it works

    instances = {
        afdeling = SiteSubsection() {



None whatsoever. Maybe SiteSubsection is ignorant, or maybe it's just tired of the world telling it what to do. We will never know.


branch-name trigger interaction
main when there are no more URL breadcrumbs left to read. default_branch will be invoked if this is left unattached SubsectionInteraction
default when no appropriate branch is available for invocation, this one will be invoked instead. SubsectionInteraction
[breadcrumb] this branch will be invoked when its name matches the current URL breadcrumb SubsectionInteraction