Interaction enriching context with information about a query result row.

What it does

ResultInteraction makes cells in a result row available in context, by column name.

How it works

Below is a more extensively commented excerpt from the page about Querier:

        // Select Query producing text column
        list = MySqlQuerier(
            credset = "example"
        ) {
            // NoPies.html says there's no pies
            none_branch = Template(
            // ResultInteraction is available
            // here. This made 'text' available
            // in context.
            // {% text %} tag in OnePie.html
            single_branch = Template(
            // Same as above
            // {% text %} tag in NPies.html
            iterator_branch = Template(

Context variables

[query result column name] Access the information produced by the query using the name the column got assigned in the query.