Parses and validates a (subsection of a) JSON document using Functionality provided by FieldReader

What it does

When this implementation of FieldReader is hit, JSON data in the IncomingBodiedInteraction will be parsed. A subsection of the parsed document will be validated. Subsection selection will occur according to the path supplied in the settings. Validation will occur according to the regex supplied in the Settings, as outlined in the FieldReader-article.

How it works

Language examples not available at this time, though functionality should be largely comparable to the BodyReader.

This Service is typically useful when users post JSON data or when calling JSON-enabled APIs using HttpClient.


readpath string Path to the mapping in the JSON that should be used as input. Probably doesn't support navigating through JSON arrays. Expect breakage too when one of the JSON values that is to be parsed is not a simple literal such as 69 or "banana".

Otherwise as described in FieldReader settings


As described in FieldReader branches